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Triboelectrification trouble

27 Oct 2009, 19:40 UTC
Triboelectrification trouble
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Well, the launch did not go as hoped for this morning. Last night, the forecast was for only about a 40% chance of the launch getting off. This morning, when I got up to head over to the space center, I saw stars! Things were definitely looking good! Then, as we headed to the launch site, I saw some clouds. Weather was moving in. Still, it looked like we’d get the thing off if everything went according to schedule. Well, it didn’t.
First of all, they were running a bit late. The announcer said that there were no particular problems. However, running late delayed the launch until clouds arrived. Weather aircraft were studying the clouds and balloons took a look at higher levels. Then, there was a delay due to high altitude winds. Next, a cover over a sensor near the top of the rocket got stuck. Finally, that came free. Then, the aircraft found the clouds just a bit too much. Finally, the weather cooperated. The winds were OK, there was a break in the clouds. The countdown started again. Suddenly, with about two and a half minutes to launch, the countdown stopped. The call was that a freighter ...

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