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LHC sets record, and we are still here.

30 Nov 2009, 20:27 UTC
LHC sets record, and we are still here.
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According to a report on Science Daily, the Large Hadron Collider has set a new energy record. The twin beams were at an energy of 1.18 TeV, beating the 0.98 TeV energy of Fermilab’s Tevatron. That now makes the LHC the worlds most energetic particle collider. Despite all of the cries to the contrary, we are still here after this milestone. However, don’t expect all of the people crying that it is the end of the world to quiet down just yet. Next year, the LHC will work its way up to an energy of 3.5 TeV per beam, for a total collision energy of 7.0 TeV. Until it reaches that milestone, then the end-of-the-worlders will simply be telling us that the end is postponed. Then, once 7 TeV collisions become common, they’ll come up with some other explanation for why we are still here. The vast majority of physicists don’t have a problem with this collider. In fact, there are collisions at FAR higher energies than this occuring all of the time in the air over our heads. Galactic cosmic rays rain down on us at far higher energies than the LHC will ever be able to produce. In ...

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