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Exploding Galaxies and other Catastrophysics

Changed Targets of Interest

29 Apr 2011, 23:33 UTC
Changed Targets of Interest
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I finally got around to making some long-needed changes to the links visible on the right hand side of this blog.Laelaps, Not Exactly Rocket Science, Gene Expression, and the Primate Diaries "in Exile" are back in and/or are now working, finally catching up with all the moves associated with the great scienceblogs Pepsi kerfuffle about a year ago...Deltoid, Sandwalk, john hawk's weblog, Bartholomew's notes, Crooked Timber and so finally got added as I read them often enough to make a direct link worthwhile.My old non-astro blog got removed as I never update it any more.Parasite of the Day, Molecule of the Day, Denialism Blog got removed as they're updated too infrequently. Sad, as they were great.Uncertain Principles gets deleted because there isn't enough interesting science to offset his knee-jerk atheist-bashing.

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