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A Babe in the Universe


3 Apr 2011, 04:15 UTC
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Last year friend Jennifer Ouellette wrote this article for Discovery News:Graphite Whiskers to Determine Fate of Our Universe? Graphite is the carbon form seen in pencils, which are all a cosmologist really needs to work. By exposing it to common adhesive tape, physicists have produced graphene, a material with many potential uses. The APS meeting in Dallas last month was full of presentations on graphene and its applications. Graphite also occurs in whiskers, even in Space. Today it has been found on the Moon.Apollo 17 landed in Mare Serenitatis. This lunar sea is said to form one eye of the Man in the Moon. That mission also carried Harrison Schmitt, the only geologist yet to have explored the Moon. Mare Serenitatis was also home to the fictional Moon Kingdom in SAILOR MOON before it was overcome by cosmic dark energy. Evidence from the Moon may be dark energy's undoing.Our Apollo samples are over 40 years old, yet they still yield new discoveries. Examining Apollo 17 regolith samples using the technique of Raman spectroscopy, scientists at JPL have found traces of graphite whiskers. They could be leftovers from 3.9 billion years ago, when the Moon and solar system underwent a Late ...

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