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  • 22 Oct 1998
  • 10 Aug 1998
  • 27 Jun 1998
    • 00:00 UTC Bristol Spaceplanes Direct link Space Fair ’98 BSP was one of the companies attending Space Fair ’98, organised by the Space Tourism Society on board the Queen Mary at Long Beach, California which tool place from July ...
  • 19 May 1998
  • 24 Apr 1998
  • 27 Sep 1997
    • 00:00 UTC Bristol Spaceplanes Direct link The X-Prize Gala Bristol Spaceplanes was one of the X Prize contenders attending the X Prize Foundation’s second annual Gala which took place at the Saint Louis Science Center in Saint Louis, Missouri, ...
  • 29 Apr 1996
    • 11:22 UTC AweSky Direct link Hyakutake under several filters The Great Comet of 1996, Hyakutake, was bright in the night sky. Here we see one shot with Praktica Reflex camera and low magnification lens, under heavy image process. Several ...
  • 3 Apr 1996
    • 22:35 UTC AweSky Direct link C/1996 B2 on Praktica Reflex A long exposure under dark skies got Comet Hyakutake. I was need to apply some enhancement image processing techniques to increase contrast.
  • 29 Mar 1996
    • 11:14 UTC AweSky Direct link Hyakutake C/1996 B2 Hyakutake comet, also know as C/1996 B2, is passing near the Earth at March 1996. This photo was taken with Praktica Reflex camera and Tamron 300mm telephoto lens.
  • 25 Mar 1996
    • 03:11 UTC AweSky Direct link Orion belt Orion is the most important Winter constellation in Northern Hemisphere. In its center we find the “Orion belt” and beneath, the “Orion sword”. The nebulas located in the area show ...
  • 17 Mar 1996
    • 04:57 UTC AweSky Direct link Comet Szczepanski C/1996 B1 Comet Szczepanski C/1996 B1 captured with a 50 mm Reflex analog camera under dark skies, Manaluna Observatory. Comet Szczepanski was very dim, around 8th magnitude, near Regulus, alfa Leo Major.

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