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http://www.accuweather.com/en/weather-blogs/astronomy/meteor-showers-and-firebalsl-1/59072227: Meteor Showers and Fireballs
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28 Jul 2016, 20:40 UTC
http://www.spaceflightinsider.com/?p=64648: China’s agreement with United Nations to help developing countries get access to space
SpaceFlight Insider

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28 Jul 2016, 16:00 UTC Artist’s rendering of the Tiangong 3 space station. China hopes to open the future station up to UN member states for science experiments. Image Credit: Adrian Mann, www.bisbos.com Last month, China signed an agreement with the United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs (UNOOSA) to open the country’s future space station for science experiments and astronauts from UN member states. According to a spokesperson from the China Manned Space Agency (CMSA), this cooperation heralds better accessibility to space for developing countries. “The agreement will provide exciting opportunities to further build the space capacity of developing countries and increase awareness of the benefits human space technology can bring to humankind, and thus to promote the achievement of the sustainable development goals,” Aimin Niu, CMSA spokesperson, told Astrowatch.net. Engineers assemble Tiangong 2 in an assembly hall in Beijing. The second of the country’s space station’s will launch in September. Photo Credit: China National Space Administration In particular, this agreement means that UNOOSA and CMSA will work together to give UN member states an opportunity to conduct space experiments onboard China’s future space station, as well as to provide flight opportunities for astronauts and payload engineers. “China is willing to provide training services ...
https://medium.com/p/12287e70458: Dark matter may be completely invisible
Starts With a Bang!

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28 Jul 2016, 14:01 UTC

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