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http://www.parabolicarc.com/?p=49389: NASA Selects 12 Innovative Advance Concepts Proposals for Phase I Funding
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19 Jul 2013, 21:14 UTC WASHINGTON (NASA PR) – NASA has selected 12 proposals for study under Phase I of the NASA Innovative Advanced Concepts (NIAC) Program, which aims to turn science fiction into fact. The selected proposals include a wide range of imaginative concepts, including 3-D printing of biomaterials, such as arrays of cells; using galactic rays to map the insides of asteroids; and an “eternal flight” platform that could hover in Earth’s atmosphere, potentially providing better imaging, Wi-Fi, power generation, and other applications. “NASA’s Innovative Advanced Concepts Program invites innovators everywhere — industry, academia, NASA centers, other agencies — to propose bold, visionary ideas,” said Michael Gazarik, NASA’s associate administrator for space technology in Washington. “We’re working together to transform the future of aerospace while investigating new technologies that may one day benefit our new technology economy and our lives here on Earth.” NASA’s Space Technology Mission Directorate chose this year’s Phase I proposals based on their potential to transform future aerospace missions by enabling either entirely new missions or breakthroughs in future aerospace capabilities, accelerating progress toward NASA’s goals. NIAC Phase I awards are about $100,000 to conduct nine-month initial definition and analysis studies of a concept. If the basic feasibility studies ...
http://www.skyandtelescope.com/e92c26d30e1440cba1ad63984591a1b2: Chile Astronomy Tour
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19 Jul 2013, 20:11 UTC

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