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https://medium.com/p/d28cafcad3aa: What is the physics of nothing?
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29 Sep 2016, 14:01 UTC
http://www.scienceworldreport.com/articles/48658/20160929/pluto-icy-dwarf-s-heart-heavy-deep-water.htm: Pluto: Is The Icy Dwarf’s Heart Heavy With Deep Water?
Science World Report

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29 Sep 2016, 10:27 UTC
http://www.parabolicarc.com/?p=59535: ESA Plans Extensive Coverage of Rosetta’s Grand Finale
Parabolic Arc

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29 Sep 2016, 07:16 UTC Philae at rest on Comet 67P. (Credit: ESA/Rosetta/Philae/CIVA) PARIS (ESA PR) — Rosetta is set to complete its historic mission in a controlled descent to the surface of its comet on 30 September, with the end of mission confirmation predicted to be within 20 minutes of 11:20 GMT (13:20 CEST).Details of how, when and where to follow the key moments online, starting with a review of the mission’s impressive haul of science highlights on 29 September, can be found below. 29 September 12:30–15:30 GMT / 14:30–17:30 CEST, Science Highlights Tune in to the livestream viewer at rosetta.esa.int or via https://livestream.com/ESA/rosettagrandfinale or ESA’s Facebook page on 29 September for dedicated talks celebrating the scientific highlights of the mission. Programme overview Matt Taylor (ESA’s Rosetta Project Scientist): Introduction Mohamed El-Maarry (OSIRIS team, University of Bern): Landscapes of Chury Valerie Ciarletti (CONSERT team, Universités Paris-Saclay): Getting the ground truth about the nucleus Thurid Mannel (MIDAS team, University of Graz): Dust under the microscope Jean-Baptiste Vincent (OSIRIS team, Max-Planck Institute for Solar Physics, Göttingen): Cometary activity and fireworks Andre Bieler (ROSINA team, University of Bern/University of Michigan): Comet activity variation and evolution Charlotte Goetz (RPC team, Institute for Extra-terrestrial Physics, TU Braunschweig): The singing ...

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